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PhD in Accounting and Finance


Todays business environment is full of volatility, complexity uncertainty, and ambiguity. Thats why there is a pressing need for professionals equipped with tools and frameworks guiding appropriate financial decisions in the 21st century.泭

The doctoral program in accounting and finance is designed to provide solid theoretical knowledge of cutting-edge financial topics that help graduates maneuver complex and dynamic development in accounting and finance.泭

This degree is typically pursued by those interested in conducting accounting and finance research in academic institutions or research organizations or those interested in teaching at the postsecondary level.


  • Strengthen the students understanding of the theoretical and practical intersection of accounting and finance.
  • Instill within students the knowledge of the fundamental theories and principles of accounting and finance.
  • Provide students with knowledge of current and emerging issues in the accounting and finance.
  • Enable students to integrate accounting and financial information to make strategic decisions.
  • Improve students capacity to engage in accounting research and to transform the findings of the research into publications.泭
  • Develop the students analytical skills and ability to investigate complex accounting and financial issues.泭
  • Instill within the students an understanding of legal and professional responsibility and ethical obligations when resolving accounting and financial issues.


  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental theories and business principles of accounting, finance and economics.
  2. Analyze and interpret financial and accounting data using statistical tools and techniques.
  3. Employ critical thinking to analyze complex financial transactions and evaluate their impact on firm value.
  4. Evaluate the trade-off between risk and return and employ financial tools and technology to seek opportunities for increased returns on investments.
  5. Employ analytical skills to diagnose accounting and financial reporting issues and propose solutions.
  6. Use accounting and financial data to forecast performance and make effective business decisions.
  7. Develop the ability to design and conduct research on current issues in accounting and finance.
  8. Exhibit a high standard of professional practice, demonstrating awareness of the ethical and regulatory responsibilities in accounting and finance.

Careers of Graduates

  • Chartered accountant.
  • Chartered certified accountant.
  • Chartered management accountant.
  • Chartered public finance accountant.
  • Company secretary.
  • External auditor.
  • Forensic accountant.
  • Stockbroker.
  • College or university professor
  • Consultant
  • Financial analyst
  • Public policy researcher
  • Researcher