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PhD in Mathematics


Mathematics can be defined as the Systematic Application of Matter due to the characteristics of mathematics such as: creativity, problem solving, and power of reasoning. Moreover, mathematics is considered to be the core of science due to its association with other sciences such as physics, chemistry, engineering, medicine, arts and various types of sciences. Mathematics has a large number of properties including the property of abstraction: where symbols are used and equations are dealt with through these symbols. The aim of this program is to graduate a generation of well-trained mathematics specialists capable of conducting research at a high level and producing new knowledge. This will provide excellent career opportunities for graduates in academia, research, engineering, economics, government and other public and private sector jobs.


  • This program will enable the students to extend the frontier of mathematical knowledge by producing quality research with original results.
  • The graduates will be able to apply a range of mathematical tools to problems within mathematics and in other disciplines.
  • The graduates will be able to effectively disseminate and understand the mathematical knowledge through publications, and seminars.
  • The PhD in Mathematics offers both a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere in research.


  1. Ability to conduct original research in mathematics.
  2. Ability to present research-level mathematics in a formal lecture.
  3. Ability to teach mathematics to undergraduates.

Careers of Graduates

Students who hold a Ph.D. in mathematics typically find careers in academia, industry, government, technology companies and other vitals fields:

  • Trading, as the calculations are among the most essential elements of this science.
  • Computer Science, as it contributes to the formation of matrices.
  • Engineering sciences, as mathematics contributed to the progress of various types of engineering.
  • Lecturer at the University.泭
  • Researcher.