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Diploma in Cosmetics and Skincare


The market and fields of cosmetics and skin care are increasing and expanding day after day, and the need for technicians specializing in cosmetics products and skin care has become an urgent one today. The wide spread of cosmetic stores, community pharmacies (cosmetics section), cosmetic factories, and beauty and skin care centers in Palestine without the presence of assistant technicians for cosmetic doctors and skin care specialists in these fields makes these specialization priorities for education, not only in Palestine but globally too. Therefore, educating cosmetics technicians and training them in cosmetics stores, beauty centers, cosmetic clinics, cosmetics formulating facilities, and skin care centers on the latest techniques and materials used is considered essential and urgent for this rapidly evolving profession. A diploma in cosmetics and skin care indicates that the holder has received specialized training in skin care and education in cosmetic formulations, constituents, uses, and adverse effects, and possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to provide professional services. This can help establish credibility and professionalism in the field of cosmetic products and skin care, which can be important for building a successful career. The Arab American University is taking practical steps to fulfill this need by proposing vocational diplomas in cosmetics and skincare that will serve as a platform for high school graduates to become professional technicians by offering a diploma in these fields.


In accordance with the Arab American University's aspiration to graduate students who have a significant impact on society, this program aims to provide the local and global communities with highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals who can positively contribute by working in cosmetic stores, community pharmacies that have a cosmetics sections, cosmetic factories, and beauty and skin care centers as well as in medical clinics specialized in beauty, skin, nails, and hair care. Professionals in the field of cosmetics and skin care have the knowledge and skills necessary to formulate cosmetic products, work in the cosmetics industry, beauty centers, beauty spas, and cosmetics stores, develop their own products, and launch their own businesses. As well as the knowledge and skills in cleaning the skin, exfoliating the skin, hair care, nail care, hair transplantation, the use of lasers in various areas of skincare, and professional assistance in the use of Botox and other modern cosmetic techniques.


The "Vocational Diploma in Cosmetics & Skin Care" program has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the Palestinian community, mainly the need for graduates with specialized knowledge in the cosmeceuticals and skin care fields. Students enrolled in this two-year program will be instructed, trained, and certified to work in cosmetics factories, skin care centers, beauty spas, salons, dermatology clinics, and other related establishments due to the seamless integration of the courses offered which include other skin care facilities. Well-educated, trained, and experienced professionals in the fields of cosmetics and skin care are urgently needed. This is precisely what this program intends to accomplish.


This program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Introducing students to the basics of cosmeceuticals and, the basics of hair, nail, and skin care sciences.
  2. Introducing students to the types of skin, hair, and nails and the methods of their masking and beautification.
  3. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of aromatic oils, foundations of aesthetics, color theories, and makeup techniques.
  4. Preparing skilled diploma holders in the fields of cosmetic product formulations and skin care.
  5. Providing students with extensive skills and experience in the use of skin, nails, and hair beauty products and hair dyes.
  6. Providing students with extensive skills and experience in the use of lasers and other modern devices that are used to treat and beautify the skin, nails, and hair.
  7. Qualifying students to work in cosmetic factories, cosmetic stores, community pharmacies (cosmetics section), beauty and skincare centers spas, salons, dermatology clinics, and other skin care facilities and providing them with customer service skills.
  8. Introducing students to the occupational safety and health requirements of the use of cosmeceuticals and the skin care profession.
  9. Preparing students to work in the local and global markets through intensive training in the cosmetics, hair, nail, and skin care fields.
  10. Introducing students to diseases of the skin, hair, and nails and methods of treatment in cooperation and continuous coordination with doctors and experts with specialization.

Needs Assessment

Cosmetic and Skincare sciences are rapidly growing fields that require specialized skills and knowledge. Having a vocational diploma in cosmetics and skincare gives you the ability to help dermatological and plastic doctors in the prevention and treatment of various skin and hair beauty problems and to work in cosmetic formulation factories, cosmetics markets, and beauty and skin care centers as a professional assistant and gives you the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in these fields. With the progress and development of cosmetics and skincare science and technology, there is an urgent need for assistant technicians to work with specialists on cosmetics, skin, and hair cosmetic devices, as well as an urgent need for you to help doctors and skin care specialists in skin and hair cosmetic operations.

Admission Requirements

Students seeking enrollment in the program must have a secondary school certificate (Tawjihi; all branches) or its equivalent. For details, please see the regulations at the Arab American University website about admission procedures.


Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to achieve the outputs of knowledge and understanding, mental skills, and the following applied and transformative skills:

A. Knowledge and understanding:

  1. The ability to use modern products, methods, and technologies used in cosmetics, skincare, and makeup. This will help the graduate use this knowledge in related fields of work, and the ability to market them scientifically, as these products are available in the local and regional market.
  2. The ability to work according to occupational safety and health standards.
  3. The ability to keep updated with developments in the fields of cosmetics and skin care without ignoring the health aspects related to the use of techniques and materials.
  4. The ability to acquire sufficient experience with the knowledge and skills necessary to detect counterfeit or low-quality products.

B. Cognitive and intellectual skills:

  1. The ability to develop professional capabilities to keep updated with the rapid technological developments in his field of specialization. This enables him to maintain and develop the necessary knowledge to ensure the provision of high-quality services in his field of work.
  2. The ability to acquire the necessary basic concepts in cosmetology science and skincare.

C. Personal skills and responsibility:

  1. The ability to cooperate with his colleagues and accept the principle of teamwork.
  2. Vigilance in dealing with issues of the environment and the surrounding society.
  3. The ability to lead in the work entrusted to him.
  4. A sense of responsibility towards his country, nation, and society.
  5. The ability to gain experience in the field of cosmetics and skin care, their relationship with society, and ways to maintain and improve the profession.

D. Communication, information technology, and numerical:

  1. The ability to debate and persuade others.
  2. He should have deep and accurate knowledge in his field of specialization, in addition to appropriate knowledge in related fields.
  3. The ability to participate in blogs and social media in order to develop the brand of cosmetic and skin care products.
  4. The ability to participate in discussions about the professional, educational, and cultural implications of beauty, skincare, and makeup products.
  5. The ability to use technology and artificial intelligence for cosmetic and skin care skin care purposes.

Careers of Graduates

In recent times, beauty centers and spas, the cosmetics industry, cosmetics markets, and skincare centers have spread widely locally and globally, and the need has become urgent to prepare and qualify specialized technicians in these fields who are able to participate in the development of the profession through their ability to employ the scientific and practical foundations in the various types of cosmetics and in the various areas of skin care to serve themselves and their communities. Therefore, this program gives graduates real job opportunities, including:

  1. Beauty salons
  2. Skincare centers
  3. Stores of cosmetics and skin care preparations.
  4. Skincare product companies
  5. Medical dermatological centers specialize in skin care.
  6. Cosmetic formulations
  7. Cosmetics factories
  8. Marketing of instruments and machines related to these sectors.
  9. Private businesses
  10. Community pharmacy’s (cosmetics sections).
  11. Completing and bridging studies and training in the fields of specialization at universities.