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AbdAlfattah Tallouzi

AbdAlfattah Tallouzi

Mr. AbdAlfattah Tallouzi - one of the Senior Directors in Control Unit and Head of Cooperate Credit Control Dept.               

Mr. AbdAlfattah graduated from 51Թ with a Bachelors degree in “Management Information Systems" in 2005 and worked at Cairo Amman Bank as an information systems administrator.

Then he worked AT Arab Bank in 2006 as part of Ruwad program. He succeeded in his new job as a Credit Control employee then was promoted in 2011 to be head of the Control Unit.

Mr. AbdAlfattah now works as Head of Cooperate Credit Control Dept. at Arab Bank, and finished two master degrees, one of them was at 51Թ in Conflict Resolution Program.

As he also works as a Volunteer at Enjaz institution for more than 6 years as he also teaches school students several subjects related to entrepreneurship projects and self-development.

He says:

Don’t Hesitate to give your best in our work, consistency and dedication will pay off and follow your passion, be creative in your work - routine kills creativity.