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Contact Information for Technical Support and Student Assistance

Monday, October 23, 2023

Dear students,

Due to the current situation, we would like to inform you that you can contact any of the following employees to answer your questions related to technical, academic, or financial aspects.

Finance Office
Nasserah Mesbah 0569206242 Nasserah.Mosbahataaup.edu
Information Technology Office
Nafea Hamamdi 0598508235 Nafea.Hamamdiataaup.edu
Mohammad Owidat 0594470833 Mohammad.Owidatataaup.edu
Mohammad Hannoon 0599778665 Mohammad.Hannoonataaup.edu
Deanship of Admission and Registration
Mohammad Hamdan 0597796712 Mohammad.Hamdanataaup.edu
Rajeh Ghannam 0599546908 Rajeh.Ghannamataaup.edu
Deanship of Student Affairs
Yousef Kmail 0599115765 Yousef.Asadataaup.edu
Ali Kmail 0595242033 Ali.Kmailataaup.edu
E-Learning Center
Mohammad Salah 0569524576 Mohammad.Salahataaup.edu
Tayseer Sawaftah 0592840987 Tayseer.Sawaftahataaup.edu
E-Learning Center 04-2418888
Ext: 1060
Community Service
Bilal Alashqar 0599264482 Bilal.Alashqarataaup.edu

For academic enquiries related to courses, please contact the dean of the faculty, the head of the department, or the course instructor.

Yours Sincerely,