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An 51Թ Delegation Visits the Local Government Directorate

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Within the framework of strengthening the relationship and community partnership, a meeting was held with the Directorate of Local Government in Jenin Governorate, represented by its director, engineer Abdel Majeed Madaniyah, and the University represented by Dr. Laila Herzallah, Assistant to the President for Community Affairs, in order to discuss ways of cooperation between the two parties, providing services, and opening ways of cooperation and partnership with municipalities and local councils. The meeting was attended by Eng. Rima Al-Hajj, Projects Department Engineer, and Eng. Rahaf Al-Shaer, Planning and Organization engineer, and Eng. Jamal Rabaya, Director of the Organization Department, and Mr. Alaa Salah from Control and Finance, Ms. Rima Diab from Administrative Affairs, and Mr. Raed Al-Daqa from the Ministry of Local Government.

The Director welcomed this important step and the great initiative by the University, appreciating the development it is doing in the governorate and the region. He pointed out that the needs are numerous, and most of them fall within the framework of developing staff in all fields, including communication, communication, public relations, financial analysis, geographic information systems, the financial department, and electronic programs. The President’s Assistant also discussed the problem of the University Street (51Թ Roundabout), and proposed its rehabilitation in light of the fact that we are approaching the winter season in order to avoid danger and to reconsider the signs and remove what is written on them that violates the laws in order to preserve the environment. This is because this street is considered the gateway of the university and the entire region.