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Defense of a Master’s Thesis by Rima Abu Khail in the Health Informatics Program

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Researcher Rima Abdullah Abu Khail, a student in the Master’s Program in Health Informatics, has defended her thesis titled “Assessment of Health Information systems implementations in West Bank Governmental Hospitals: A Survey of Health Providers Perceptions”

The present study aims to assess the success of the health information system in governmental hospitals in the West Bank by identifying the perceptions of health service providers based on the DeLone and McLean framework for the success of the information system. This study also aims to identify the characteristics of the system by evaluating its components from the perspective of health care providers, which are: System Quality, information quality, service quality, usage, user satisfaction, overall benefit.

This study was conducted as a cross-sectional study among Palestinian health service providers in three governmental hospitals in the West Bank; in Jenin, Ramallah and Beit Jala. Data were collected via a self-administered questionnaire based on DeLone and McLean's framework for information system success from a simple stratified random sample of 250 health service providers.

The results indicated a high degree of (user satisfaction) from the point of view of the study participants. The information quality was the highest, followed by the system quality, while the service quality was the lowest. It was also revealed that there is a moral and positive relationship between system quality, information quality, service quality, and system user satisfaction. There is, moreover, a positive relationship between system user satisfaction and the overall benefit of the system.

The researcher recommended the necessity of reviewing specific components of the system and the quality of service by policy makers. Examples of these components are the availability of the system, the process of developing it, the use of new technologies for the system, as well as the integration of the system with other HIS systems in addition to following up on appropriate technical support from the HIS system provider. The public infrastructure must be adequate, especially Internet and hardware connectivity, and improve the overall HIS support services provided by IT support staff.

The thesis was supervised by Professor Mohammed Awad. The committee of examiners included Dr. Youssef Al Mimi and Dr. Hala Al Labadi.